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Our biggest strength is managing ad spend successfully.

Lead generation, Ecommerce, App installs, you name it, we’ve likely spent millions in ad spend on it.

From baby clothes to estate planning, gym wear to luxury tequila, car leasing to car accident claims, and fine art to finding a new home, we’ve got proven results in countless sectors.

This is one of the main things that sets us apart from other agencies. When you’re working with Milestone, the people running your campaigns are vastly experienced, and understand the value and responsibility of managing a clients advertising spend effectively.

We don’t place your budget in the hands of a uni graduate. We don’t mask over poor performance with pretty pie charts about “reach” and “clicks”.

We are ruthlessly outcome-focussed people. Our priority above all else is your ROI.

But, anyone can say that right? Anyone can claim to be an expert.

Fortunately though, actions speak louder than words, and we’re big advocates of plain English, honesty, and being direct.

Which is why when you enquire with us, and share your problems and goals with us, we’ll conduct an audit of your ad account and recent campaigns to frankly (but politely of course) point out what’s wrong, what can be improved, and what we’d look to implement to get you to where you want to be, all in Plain English.
Learn more about our services below!

Our 4 Key Services

Paid Social

Everything we do on social is ROI focussed, because results matter.
Whether you need to target an ultra-specific audience on TikTok, or generate massive volume on an established goliath like Facebook, our experienced team can help you rapidly scale your business using the most powerful marketing platforms on earth.

Paid Search & PPC

Our team has been running PPC campaigns for over 15 years now.
We have refined a data-driven, systemic approach to PPC that ensures our clients outperform their competitors, raise maximum awareness, and acquire new customers as efficiently, cost-effectively, and as rapidly as possible.

Native Ads

Taboola and Outbrain are massively overlooked by most agencies.
Many brands haven’t had the chance to capitalise on the gigantic traffic volumes these platforms can provide. With placements on some of the most widely used websites (MSN, Daily Mail, Sky Sports) an intelligent native campaign can be an explosive addition to any businesses digital marketing strategy.

Appstore & PlayStore Ads

When it comes to getting new users for you app, these should be your first priority.
Despite how long they’ve been around, ASA (Apple Search Ads) and UAC (Universal App Campaigns) are super cost effective, and if managed correctly can provide huge volumes of new users, as well as great strategies for targeted previous or existing users. They can be a bit tricky to scale, but that’s where we come in.

We Can Do It All

Where as we are absolutely specialists in paid media, we’re pretty good at other stuff too.

  • We’ve built more high-converting landing pages than we’ve had hot dinners. 
  • We place a massive emphasis on conversion rate, whether we make the changes or you do, we’ll work with you to make sure you’re capturing as much business as possible.
  • We’re masters at email marketing, and can help you reduce wasted ad spend by converting more people, or maximise the current returns from your customer base.
  • We make SEO simple, and we don’t charge extortionate money for it. We can help you give Google what they want, and understand your SEO so you can invest with confidence.

Our Supporting Services

Web Development & Landing Pages

The experience your customer has is just as important as your advertising.
You can have the best ads in the world, but with weak pages you’re fighting an uphill battle.
Whether it’s improving the mobile journey, improving credibility, page load times, or making the page more engaging, you need to ensure you’re converting as much of your traffic as possible.

Taking a conversion rate from 2% to 4%, or a sign up from 40% to 50% can have an enormous impact on your bottom line revenue. It has a big impact on the algorithm aswell, think of it this way:

Facebook sends 1,000 people to a website, and 80% of them bounce, the rest take little action. To Facebook, this looks like a NEGATIVE user experience, and not something they’d want to keep putting in front of their users, for fear of them having a negative experience whilst using their platform.

It looks like there’s a mis-match between the ad, and the page. Expectations aren’t being met.

RESULT: Your ad costs increase, and you get weaker ad delivery.

Facebook sends 1,000 people to a website, and 40% of them bounce, the rest spend a lot of time on the website browsing, and many of them take action (e.g. adding to cart, purchasing, filling out forms, etc). To Facebook, this looks like a POSITIVE user experience, so the oppositie applies. People seeing this ad are having their expectations met when they click it.

RESULT: FB aims to deliver your ads to people similar to those that are taking action, your costs go down, and your ad delivery improves.

Unlike other agencies that take a “that’s not my job” approach to what happens AFTER the ad, we work with you to make sure that every step of the journey is as optimised as possible, so you’re maximising the return on your ad spend.


SEO. The phrase sends shivers down the spine of most business owners.
It’s expensive, time-consuming, slow, and complicated.
Or is it?
Due to the nature of SEO, it’s been very easy for marketing agencies and freelancers to sell this “service” for grossly inflated fees (because of how valuable it can be) whilst not delivering a great deal in return. Sometimes intentionally, sometimes unintentionally.
SEO needn’t be complicated. Our mantra when it comes to SEO is “keep it simple”.
Not very exciting, sure, but that’s the point. Effective SEO comes down to 3 key components:

  • Understanding how Google crawls your website and ranks it, then making it as easy as possible for Google to do so
  • Utilising a combination of experience, common sense, and the latest software to get a clear, rock-solid keyword strategy in place and understanding who you’re up against
  • Giving Google what it wants. Unique content related to the keywords you want to do target. The primary driver of SEO improvement is CONTENT.

When we do SEO for our clients, our priority is that it’s done correctly, and that you have a clear 12-month content plan from the get-go, so you have a clear path to your objectives.
This is why we price our SEO work very competitively when you partner with us on one of our main services, as a solid SEO strategy based on core fundamentals, and not short-term loopholes and gimmicks, will be a huge support to any business and supplement any other marketing activity that you’re doing.
Before we get started, we’ll conduct an SEO audit for you at no cost, so we can properly asses the landscape together and discuss how best to tackle it.

Email Marketing

Neglecting your email marketing is akin to not putting fuel in your car.
It’s often overlooked, probably because it’s been around for so long and is considered quite uninteresting. As a result, many businesses have a simplistic approach to email marketing, mailing out a newsletter here and there, an occasional broadcast or promotion. Or just don’t do it at all.
Like many things, the actual objective or goal isn’t taken into serious consideration and they’re thrown out there without much thought.
Let your competitors carry on with that.
Whilst you build out automated, intelligently written, trigger-based email automations that will help you:

  • Massively reduce your number of abandoned carts
  • Segregate your customers into lists based on their activity, spend levels, and email engagement
  • Drip-feed content and credibility to your non-believers, and convert them into customers
  • Maximise the revenue from your existing customers by given them reasons and opportunities to buy from you again (most important)!
  • Welcome flows and nurture flows that enforce a customers decision to buy, and make them feel part of the brand, increasing the likelihood of positive reviews, referrals, and repeat business

Building out these intricate webs and workflows can be overwhelming, which is why we make it easy for you by implementing the systems and processes that we’ve used countless times with other clients.
Improving your email marketing is often the lowest hanging fruit available to many businesses, so give us the chance to review what you’re doing and show you what’s possible.
Emails literally go straight to your customer, and they cost sod all to send. From an ROI standpoint, there’s no better marketing tool available.

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