It’s very annoying when you get followed around the website by a business, but it bloody works! 

Retargeting campaigns are an absolute MUST for any online business, and offer the lowest hanging fruit of any opportunities for sales that you have. 

So what is retargeting, and how does it work?

A very common example would be abandoned carts. 

You go to a website, add some items to your cart, but for whatever reason you don’t complete your purchase, perhaps you get distracted, or decide against the products. 

Then, conveniently, you see an ad for those very products the following day, and they’ve even included a 10% discount code in the ad! You go back to the website, enter the code, and get your items with a discount, result! 

That’s the goal of a retargeting campaign. It delivers specific ads, to specific people, that have/haven’t taken a specific action. 

So let’s say your generating leads for your business. By utilising tracking pixels on your web pages, you can create an audience of people that visited your website, but didn’t take action. 

You can then serve ads exclusivity to those people, giving them reasons to come back and take action. 

Not only is this powerful as it can sometimes just act as a reminder of sorts, but it also gives you the opportunity to handle objections, further promote your product, show testimonials, reviews, and any content you feel that will help sell your brand. 

They’re also very cheap campaigns to run, compared to prospecting campaigns, as you’re running to a specific set of people, rather than millions of potential users (unless you get millions of website visitors a month of course). 

You can also get quite strategic with your retargeting, it’s not just simply about getting people to come back and take an action. Some other users for retargeting are:

  • Upselling other products or services
  • Nurturing content before a scheduled call or meeting
  • UGC content of other people using your product 
  • Press content to build credibility 

If there’s anyone you should be marketing to with digital campaigns, it’s the people who already know who you are, and have considered purchasing from you.